We develop high fidelity medical models for simulation, teaching, product testing and evaluation.


Process scan data and segment anatomy

Cross section of patient scan data showing inside of lungs.


Clean mesh and add surface details

Preview of model inside ZBrush software.


Build moving parts and pathological features

Cross section showing abnormal growths inside.


Blend flexible and rigid PolyJet materials

Close-up of bronchi and cartilage rings.

Specialising in design for airway management

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Our core focus is anaesthesia tracheal models and interactive models of complex anatomy. Using advanced methods of data acquisition, computer modelling and 3d printing our models closely mimic anatomy to a new level of realism.

While static and generic models provide simple representations of internal pathways, our models account for individual variation and closer representation of patient dynamics and condition.

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Anaesthetist performing simulated bronchoscopy.

our model capabilities

Full colour 3D printing

Anatomical likeness with flexible materials

Normal or abnormal anatomy

Dynamic parts ie. inflation

Customisation to patient condition

Medical expertise + design innovation

Simpath is clinician-led and design focused, our goal is to produce the best equivalence of anatomy through advanced methods of manufacture. Our expertise in high resolution 3d printing allows us to produce models that simulate complex pathology and dynamic activity such as inflation, constriction and bleeding.

Trachea models are full colour and flexible, available sized for paediatric to adult, configured as standard models, dynamic models or pathology models.